Friday, April 17, 2009


Well I am sorry I don't have any pictures. I dropped my camera and it broke! I justed wanted to tell you my baby, Kyler lost his first tooth! He actually hit my knee and it fell out! Thank goodness it was already loose! I felt so bad! I had know idea he had hit my knee. He had actually gotten in trouble so I sent him to his room. When I went to talk to him in his room about getting in trouble his mouth was bleeding! I said Kyler what happened! He said mom you knocked my tooth out! I said, I did not how did that happen! He told me when I picked him up his mouth hit my knee. Than he said, It's okay mom, I'm not mad! It was how to get my loose tooth out!"


Jessica said...

What a sweet boy! He is so stinkin cute!!

mickelsenfamily said...

Oh that's sweet. Now does the tooth fairy come??? Hope all is well for you.

SmustysGirl said...

What an angel! Gotta get on the tooth fairy's good side huh? ;)