Monday, April 13, 2009


Every Easter we go down to Blackfoot to Kirk's sister house for an Easter Egg hunt! The kids absolutely love it! I think Maggie was stuffed full of candy and cookies before it even started though because in every picture her face is a mess! Luckily Maggie gets stuffed full of sugar on a regular basis so she didn't get a sugar high! I know not a good thing but she does love her food! Kyler had a great time looking for eggs and playing at his Aunts. It was time to eat and he was laying down on the floor. I said, come on Kyler time to eat. He said, I'm not Kyler mom I'm just a talking floor mat! Eli also had fun but he was getting over strep so he was tired most the day.


Jessica said...

I love Maggie's dress! Your kids are so cute. We need to get together and let Maggie and Hunter play!

mickelsenfamily said...

So fun! I love Maggie's dress. She is adorable in it! I'm glad you were all able to get away and have some fun. The weather was wonderful!