Friday, July 25, 2008

We celebrated our 5th year of marriage on July 12th! We went down to Salt Lake for our first night away from the baby! It was some what relaxing. We had to make a stop in Ogden to see my 88 year old Grandpa Jenkins go skydiving! Yes, I did say skydiving. I think I was more nervous then him! He had fun and I wouldn't be surprised if he did it again!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We went on our first family vacation this summer! We decided to save money by taking are tiny Chevy Cobalt instead of the minivan! I am actually quite suprised to say that it wasn't as bad as I imagined. The kids were great and we had a wonderful time. We stayed in Pendelton, Oregon the first night and the kids enjoyed swimming in the pool and going for a walk. Kyler could not wait to get up the next morning for our vacation to begin. We were headed for Lincoln City, Oregon to stay in a beach house. We met up in Portland where my sister Holly lives. We met my parents, and Aimee's kids at her house where we had a quick bite to eat and then headed for the coast. We had a big birthday party for Maggie and all the other cousins as well. I can't believe she is already one!

The first day we went to a glass blowing shop and the kids were amazed at how it turned out in the end! We then headed up to see the Yaquina lighthouse and Kirk carried Kyler clear to the top so he could see out. After that we headed to The Oregon Coast aquarium in Newport. Kyler and Eli really enjoyed the different types of fish. Eli touched a sting ray and Kyler touched a starfish.

The second day some of us went out on a boat to go whale watching. We did get to see a whale! We did not get any pictures but Kirk was able to record it on video.

We also enjoyed going to the Evergreen Aviation Museum where we saw the Spruce Goose. I am not sure who had more fun there; the kids or Kirk.

It was great spending time with the family at the beach house. Eli and Kyler loved running from the waves. Maggie didn't quite enjoy that part as much but she had fun watching! We are excited for our next adventure!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maggie Walking

We noticed Maggie had some balance problems since she started trying to sit. It made us a little nervous since she was early and also with Kyler's history. We found out she has had fluid in her ears and this was the source of all her problems. It was called Glue Ear. We were told by the ENT that after she got tubes put in he would bet she would be walking a week later. Well here is the proof!

We had a great camping trip the last weekend in June. Kyler and Eli really enjoyed fishing while Maggie enjoyed playing in the dirt. Kirk and I had fun riding the 4-wheelers! We decided we really want to get some so we can go anytime we want!

Kyler once again was the only one to catch a fish.