Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do we look alike?

Maggie and Nora

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Maggie is becoming quite the character. I wish I had more pictures of her and Kyler. They are becoming great little buddies. Eli and Maggie are also becoming good buddies and Maggie loves seeing him on the weekend. Maggie loves to dance and she gets a lot of encouragement from her brothers. Kyler and I were sitting in church the other day and he said, "Maggie is just gorgeous, just gorgeous! I will post a video of her dancing. It is a little blurry, and I'm not sure why. HaHa! AS I am sitting here typing Maggie is trying to put Kylers underwear on. I am not sure why but she has a fascination with his underwear. Maybe I need to start potty training her! Kyler is also very funny. Yesterday in the car he told me he needed a new coat. I said that I didn' think so that he just got a new one. He said, "But mom when you zip up my coat, it puffs out and makes me look like Mr. fat fat guy!" The pictures I am posting are only Maggie but hopefully I get on the ball and take more of everyone in the family!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick Kids!

Does anybody else out there kid tired of sick kids? Oh my goodness! I'm not adding any pictures today just to tell you that my kids are always sick! Maggie has had a chronic ear infection for three months and has been on antibiotic after antibiotic! One morning she woke up and there was all this stuff oozing out of her ear! Along with all that sticky stuff I saw her ear tube, which obviously was not helping at all! So, we have schd. to see the ENT on Thursday to talk about doing the tubes again! I felt so bad for her! Then Yesterday Jessica, a lady in my ward that watches the kids, text me during class and said Kyler was wheezing. I felt so bad for Jessica! I came home and Kyler was wheezing but not as bad as earlier. I wasn't sure if it was Astma or what so I took him to see his Dr. His Dr. said he bet it was just Croup and not Astma so not to get to concerned except that it was weird Kyler would get Croup in the middle of day. After listen to Kyler he said, okay I was wrong! Kyler is having an episode of croup with striter(spelling) and also an Asthma attack. He said Kyler was also suffering from a double ear infection and that his tonsils were gigantic. Kyler has had lympnodes that were swollen for over a year now, but no one really has given me an answer. So, we are taking Kyler back to the ENT as well, to discuss getting his tonsils out, and a scope to see if we can figure out what is going on with his breathing! On top of that Kyler has been waking up in he middle of the night, or very early so our doctor is wondering if Kyler is startling himself from suffering from sleep apnea because of all his breathing problems. My kids have been through a lot so pain doesn't seem to affect them. They never tell me when they are sick or hurting! Ahh! Let's hope all goes well at the ENT!