Saturday, June 5, 2010


Kyler will be having his surgery this month. I think we are going to stay away from bone surgery at this time. They decided his tibia is not rotating in but his femor and this bone has much growing left so the hope is that by releasing some tendons this will help stop his femor from rotating in. He will have 6 releases total. His posterior tibialis muscle, his hamstring, and his adductors in each leg. Estimated time in the hospital is 6 days. Estimated time in casts 6 weeks. Feel free to send him a card or come buy and see him! He would be thrilled. Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers.


Jessica said...

Poor guy!! We will keep him in our prayer!

Holly said...

He looks happy on that quad!

Hey, I would take off that information with the hospital name, address, and phone number. It's pretty personal and you never know what kind of creeps might run across this site.

Love you.